How SMC students choose Halloween costumes

Growing up, Halloween was a holiday to dress up as something scary and magical, like a witch, warlock, ghost, or goblin.

But over the years the holiday has morphed into a way for people to let loose and become someone else for a night.

The scary looks have been replaced by funny horse masks, crying baby faces and provocative costumes.

But what does one think when picking the "perfect" outfit for Halloween? And does the choice of costume reflect the personality of the person behind the mask?

SMC student Angelica Panosian, someone who still enjoys dressing up for Halloween, wants to match her costume with her ​​goofy personality.

"I might be Richard Simmons, because I'm white and I've always wanted to rock a fro," Panosian said.

SMC student Paloma Vasari is an overachieving business student who enjoys mastering her goals, something she wanted to reflect in a strong and feminine costume like Wonder Woman.

SMC student Shyamali Moujan, Halloween isn't necessarily a first priority, and prefers to just throw something together last minute and see what happens. Moujan has a passion and love for eastern philosophy and free spirit. Her Instagram is riddled with inspirational quotes like "going with the flow," which not only reflects her personality but also the kind of Halloween costume she prefers.

"Last year everyone thought I looked like the singer Boy George so I just went with it," Moujan said.

Others choose their outfits based on their interests or their favorite movies and video games.

"I am deciding between a Jedi with a purple light saber or a hunter from the game 'Destiny.' I chose these costumes because they're both fictional characters that I can relate to as a person because I am a fan of the movies," said SMC student Carlos Arrieta.

"Austin Powers," said Joel Goldszer SMC student. "I just need the costume, but I have the glasses and hair and the face. Its going to be beautiful."

Some like to play around the title of their costumes, like student Kevin Kim, who intends to be a play on words. "I'm gonna have a box of cereal and stitches on me, and I'm gonna be a 'cereal killer' because bad puns are awesome," said Kim.

Of course there are also the students who will dress up to mask their love of the Halloween trick. "I might wear a gorilla suit this year because I like to scare people and watch their reactions," said SMC student Ibrahim Khoja. He should catch on with this year's clown trend, perhaps.

Personalities seems to be a major deciding factor as to what a person is going to dress up as for Halloween. SMC student Jaimee Ganuza considers herself to be a very reserved and shy person, and for Halloween chose a costume to bring her out of her shell while also keeping her in a comfort zone. "I usually wear a mask during Halloween. I talk a little more but it doesn't really change the fact that I'm still pretty shy," she said.

Ganuza envies people who have the confidence to dress provocatively during Halloween, feeling that they have a desirable kind of confidence in their personality.

SMC students are sure to liven up their Halloween with creative costumes, but it seems apparent that your personality, whether you're confident, shy, aloof, easy-going, a little ironic, clever, or simply scary, becomes apparent in what you choose to stroll around the city in.

Farhanah AliComment