Dave & The Doctor: a tale of a cancerous conspiracy

President Harry S. Truman once said "The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know." There are individuals who live by this coda and apply it to nearly everything. One such individual is a local Santa Monica resident whom I will only call by his first name: Dave.

Dave sees a world just underneath the surface of anything we consider official news, history, you name it. In his view, while others drink the kool aid of lies serviced to us by the powers that be, among them the 1969 Moon landing, 9/11, and other bits of hackery concocted by shadowy forces, he and the more astute look for alternative forms of information.

Dave has recently been following the work of one Dr. Tulio Simoncini. Based in Rome, Simoncini has spent years claiming that cancer is caused by a fungus, in particular Candida albicans, what would generally be called an 'opportunistic fungus' in medical literature.

As Simoncini claims through his website and several speeches and lectures available on YouTube, the fungus causes the formation of cysts and uncontrolled cell division in various organs. The treatment Simoncini claims is most effective is an invention of his where the patient consumes sodium bicarbonate. He has reported having cured several patients through his treatment.

The world of medicine has dismissed Simoncini's claims. The organization Cancer Treatment Watch issued a warning in 2008 that "There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, and there is good reason to believe that the treatment is dangerous." In 2003 Simoncini's license to practice was withdrawn. The group Quackwatch has also dismissed Simoncini's claims.

This has of course only galvanized his admirers in the underground who believe he is the victim of harassment and intimidation by corporate forces seeking to continue making money off expensive medical treatments. Since discovering Simoncini's story, Dave has been an ardent crusader to inform whoever who meets about the Italian doctor's research. A medical Alex Jones, Simoncini thrives online through websites, podcasts and videos announcing his determination to prove cancer is a fungus-rooted disease that can be cleaned out with his simple treatment.

On Sunday morning Dave arranged a Skype meeting with Simoncini, to discuss his story and bring it to local readers. It was a meeting between a convinced warrior and one of his scholars.

"Hello doctor, Los Angeles is well, a little cloudy," said Dave as Simoncini appeared on the laptop screen. "I think that your work is stunning."

"Thank you, thank you," said Simoncini from his home in Rome. "I was young when I made my discovery," he said. "I cured several people of cirrhosis with the sodium bicarbonate."

Simoncini remembered how as a young medical student, his teachers paid little attention to his research. "The universities are so corrupt. When I submitted my findings they immediately banned me."

Dave listened attentively to every word. "I had to start a fight that I am still doing. We are fighting an old system, a medieval system," said Simoncini. "There is a big interest, the money, the power," he said with a defined Italian accent.

"Statistics are a hoax," he continued on. "There is a big lie in oncology."

Dave nodded and looked over. "Exactly, madness," he said.

"I was in Nicaragua and a woman was going to have her bladder removed because of cancer, this is unbelievable," said Simoncini. "It is totally unnecessary."

Prepared with memorized information and facts, Dave asked more questions. "There was a man who had metastasized to the bone prostate cancer, he took melasis and baking soda. He had two parts baking soda and one tea spoon of molasses with water twice a day. And during that time his bathroom habit changed. He had night sweats, but at the conclusion of 11 days the cancer was gone," he narrated to Simoncini.

"No. You cannot fix with molasses or lemon because that neutralizes the bicarbonate," said the doctor. "It is a lie, maybe it was a lie to sell molasses," explained Simoncini.

"What about molasses and maple syrup?" inquired Dave.

"No, another fraud," said Simoncini.

"But all cancer is a fungus?" asked Dave.

"Yes, it's all a fungus," said Simoncini.

"Do you think fluoride in the tap water is carcinogenic?" asked Dave. Many believe that fluoride has been fed into population water services in order to keep us docile and unable to revolt against the powers that be. Dave has been an ardent researcher on the subject.

"I don't know," responded Simoncini. "Anything can be carcinogenic."

Simonici had to go for an unknown, pressing commitment in Rome. But he emphasized that he did not think the local government considered him a threat yet, even if others mock him. "You have to spread the light over the planet. Professors and patients write to me and say 'doctor, finally we have found the light'," said Simoncini. "The others, they lie about me, they smear me, they issue false news about me."

"It was fabulous to meet him," said Dave when the interview was over, determined to spread the word. Anyone interested in Simoncini's interesting ideas can check them out at: http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/en/