Malibu International Film Festival makes for an irresistible attraction

From the free entry to the first and last nights of the event, SMC students have something to look forward to from this year’s Malibu International Film Festival. David Katz, founder of the Malibu Film Festival, is giving all SMC students a VIP All Access Pass at no charge.

Katz is extending the offer as a former SMC student from many years ago, and is trying to give back to the school.

The first festival took place in 1999 in the picturesque surroundings of the Malibu Castle, which was destroyed by a fire in 2007.

The 12th annual Malibu International Film Festival kicks off Thursday Oct. 6, and concludes on Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Hollywood Malibu Cinemas, located at 3822 Cross Creek. The opening and closing receptions are to be held at the Malibu Lumber Yard across the street.

The festival starts off with the environmental documentary “Miss South Pacific: Beauty and the Sea” by Mary Lambert.

Interest is mounting on viewing this recounting of the 2009-2010 Miss South Pacific beauty pageant, featuring exotic island beauties and world renown coastlines, and detailing climate change’s effects on their homes.

Katz is making his own festival debut afterward with “Kissing Strangers,” a romantic comedy involving the ups and downs of dating and peer pressure.

The selection process is year round and submissions are accepted online through their website.

“We watch films throughout the year and compile our notes six weeks prior to the event and choose quality films that stand out,” says Katz. “It’s a great starting point for new filmmakers that are not established yet but have a calling card.”

Films showed throughout the festival will run from twelve minutes, to that of full feature films and covering all genres.

The festival receives approximately 2000 film submissions from up and coming directors, all vying for recognition.

Other film screenings include “Tranny Trainer,” an unusual story of an athlete turned personal trainer, who has come to the end of his line, and finds his niche by training transvestites.

The film, “Sold,” delves into human trafficking as an undercover journalist’s story goes amiss whilst covering the illegal hiring of aliens.

For viewers interested in in-depth studies on pop culture’s objectifying of women’s bodies, “Dame Factory” is a stylized, short, experimental film on post-feminism lustful discussions and the enjoyment people perceive through pole dancing and sex tapes.

“The Malibu Film Festival is a volunteer venture, a place of network and creating relationships,” says Katz. He’s a strong believer that networking and creating relationships are the way to go.

To redeem a pass, show up to the Malibu International Film Festival on Oct. 6 or Oct. 8, show your student ID at the box office, and receive a pass for an entrance to the events.