Top Five: Touring Holiday Spots SMC Loves!

December has arrived and so have the holidays. It's a time usually spent with friends, family and other loved ones. For many international students though, the Winter can be especially isolating without family to turn to and stuff themselves to the brim. How are they have to spend their Christmas away from their kin?

To help, the Corsair asked students at Santa Monica College what they would do if they were put in that situation, as many SMC students are.

According to you, these are the top five most popular places to visit during the holiday season:

5. The Grove

The Grove is a sight for sore eyes, especially during this time of the year. There holds a beautifully decorated 100 foot Christmas tree for spectators to admire and even take pictures with. Santa Claus is also paying a visit to the grove as well in a festive ginger bread house. At night, there are water fountain light shows and even faux snow to accompany the holiday music playing in the background. Visiting The Grove will surely bring you into the holiday spirit.

4. Universal Studios City Walk

The city walk, located in Universal City outside of Universal Studios, holds very festive attractions and activities for the holiday season. Walking through, faux snow falls down around by the brightly decorated Christmas tree while holiday music plays in the background. That grump the Grinch also makes an appearance, and you can take a photo with him and his sleigh. There are also small shops around the City Walk that sell holiday gifts if you choose to go Christmas shopping as well. The City Walk is an attraction to locals and tourists alike, especially during this time of year

3. The Santa Monica Pier

The world famous Santa Monica Pier attracts both tourists and locals year round. There are many fun activities to do here, such as riding on the roller coaster or even the infamous Ferris wheel. After that, feel free to indulge in some of their many choices of food, such as churros and dip n dots. The pier is always a nice place to visit any time of day.

2. The Los Angeles Zoo Light Show

Every year, the Los Angeles Zoo holds a very lit up show, from November 27-January 3. Guests are able to stroll through a part of the zoo that has been transformed into a sort of winter wonderland. The show has it all; lights, music and it even incorporated water. It surely is a spectacle during this time of year.

1. The 3rd Street Promenade

The third street promenade is a steady favorite among students, and is always full of fun activities for shoppers and guests alike. But during the holiday season, the promenade is illuminated with brightly colored lights, multiple Christmas trees, and festive decorations. The promenade has everything one might ask for, from multiple theaters, including the new Arclight cinema inside the mall, to multiple dining options, and countless stores to visit. One is sure to feel in the holiday spirit when visiting the third street promenade during this time of year.