The Santa Monica College Preacher

For the last two weeks, Santa Monica College has had a frequent visitor placed in front of the library gathering crowds of dozens of students on-lookers. Nicknamed the " SMC Preacher", this man has held his weekly impromptu sermons, so far only on Wednesdays. First starting out with only a handful of student voyeurs, by the end of the afternoon, the "SMC Preacher" found himself surrounded by dozens more students engaged with his "sermon." The earliest sighting of this street preacher is recorded at about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 24, when some students noticed a very vocal man shouting out religious jargon in front of the library. By lunch time, around 1:30 p.m., the small gathering of students grew into a moderate crowd of student participates.

Soon after the sermon's peak hours, many students had curiously ventured into the intense sea of people and even began speaking out against a few points the preacher vehemently articulated.  The street preacher engaged SMC students in a loud debate for over four hours in front of the main campus library. By the end of the impromptu sermon, over 100 students had circled around the 'preacher' to argue with him.

The SMCPD noted that the "preacher" is in the realm of his right of free speech and is not disturbing students or faculty enough to be escorted off campus property.

When approached after his first gathering, he would not disclose his name and only wished to share his views on the Christian faith to a younger audience.

We'll find out if he returns for a third time on Wednesday, March 9th. Follow our Social Media for further updates on this matter and much more.

This video is taken from his first "sermon" held on February 24, 2016.