Cinderella: procrastination pushes aspiring student singer & songwriter

There are many aspiring artists on the campuses of Santa Monica College. They're filled with dreams of success and fame, yet they all share one universal trait — procrastination! Everyone does it. Even when they know there's a deadline to meet, that little voice in their head tells them to watch cat gifs and YouTube videos instead. This blight of student existence has now become the inspiration for a song.

Aspiring singer-songwriter and SMC student Cinderella Cortas (as she says, "yes, that's [her] real name"), uses the routine of a procrastinating student as the basis of her song writing. She has even named her most recently released song after it.

Cortas, who publishes her songs on YouTube, spoke with The Corsair about music, collegiate motivation, and her career aspirations. She talked about how she came to have such a unique name, about her appreciation for SMC, and her busy schedule. She even had a moment to play a bit of her latest song.

She also spoke about her love of art saying, "For me, when you create something original, something that is your own, that is art for me."

Check out the video to see Cinderella, one of SMC's rising talents.