Happy Mother's Day: a gift from the students of SMC

In a special tribute, The Corsair presents a word of thanks to all Santa Monica College moms on Mother's Day. Once the month of May begins, every mom out there can sense their special day approaching. It's the one day a year, besides maybe their birthdays, completely dedicated to them. Perhaps it shouldn't be just one day, but regardless, Mother's Day is a day to share with the one who most likely put the most work into your existence.

In this video, we allow students to express their gratitude for their maternal heroes. Happy Mother's Day.

Thanks to:

Tigran Unanjan, Linh Nguyen, Zoe Murray, Sophie Dimont, Amani Washington, Runa Aso, Michelle Ayala Jimenez, Joe Diaz, Donavan Grant, Orlando Gonzalez Gudino-Guizar, D'andre Waterford, Greg Montoya, Andrey Bailey, Kira Doo, Chester Menjivar, Frida Sahlin, Bre'nae Powell, and Lucy.