A.S. Monday, Oct. 15th

This Monday, the Associated Student Board held their seventh meeting, with all board members in attendance. The meeting started at 3:02 p.m. and was adjourned at 4:54 p.m. 

Brooke Harrington, the Director of Sustainability, started the meeting by delivering a public comment advertising sustainability week. 

“Sustainability week is going to be happening next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!” exclaimed Harrington while the board applauded. Harrington went over the details of events that would be happening during this week (link to the article I wrote on this). After Harrington, Director of Activities Carlos Ortega came up to speak about Homecoming this Saturday, including that Rivers Cuomo, the frontman for Weezer, would be playing at halftime.

Public comments were quickly followed by a brief review of minutes. A woman named Rebecca Weiland was supposed to deliver a presentation on Prop 6, but couldn’t make it. In her place was a man named Denny Zane, whose presentation was tabled for after Consent Action Items. There was a type-o in the agenda made, reporting that the money requested in item 7.4 was $300 when it was actually only $240. All of these items were reviewed and unanimously approved.

After this, Harrington got up to introduce Discussion Item 10.1, which was about Prop. 6. Zane followed and gave his report. Prop. 6 would, among other things, scrap a tax on gas whose proceeds had gone to repairing roads. According to Zane, wealthy conservative elements were the main supporters of Prop. 6, while the labor movement and environmentalists opposed it. A.S. President Isabel Rodriguez proposed turning 10.1 into an action item for the next meeting.

The other discussion items were more vague, often going under the 10 minute maximum discussion time. However, ICC Chair Daniel Cha introduced an SMC cheerleader who told the board that the Cheer team doesn’t have an adequate space to practice. After this, each board member was given two minutes to give reports on what they had been doing in their own programs.