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"Come and See" Is an Apocalyptic Vision of the Past

The teenage boy’s ears are blown out, and blackish crimson is flooding out of his nose. A Nazi paratrooper is ensnared in the trees above him, struggling to grab a hold of a machine gun and spray the boy down with bullets. The teenage girl, her grip limply holding the strap of her rifle, once so eager to fight the enemy, has the opportunity to take her shot and defend her new friend.

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SMC's Self Defense Classes Pack a Punch

In a brightly-lit studio in Santa Monica College’s (SMC) Core Performance Center, female students line up in front of a bank of mirrors to stretch, warming up for a rigorous hour and a half of self-defense instruction. The 16-week, one-credit course meets on Mondays and Wednesdays, and teaches students practical, hands-on methods to protect themselves from assault.

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Debacle over Esports Club at SMC

The room was filled with the sound of ancient televisions, the energetic clack and snap of the controllers, and the creatively varied insults from the mouths of the attending patrons. There was around twenty to thirty people, many of whom had just met in person for the first time, spread across the room huddled around the behemoth TV sets, intently focused on destroying their opponents.

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