Corsairs Ship Sank along with Season

It has been a season to forget for the Santa Monica Corsairs men's basketball team, they finished with a record of 3-22. In their final game of the season at home against the Los Angeles Pierce Brahma Bulls on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 at the Pavilion in Santa Monica, Calif., the Corsairs came in with a 12-game losing streak.

The outcome of this game, was more of the same, as the Corsairs lost by a score of 103-91. After a tightly contested back and forth action between both teams, the Corsairs tailed off a bit after in the first half in which the Corsairs led at half-time 35-34.

Despite the Corsairs fighting back to reclaim the lead and tie the game on numerous occasions, the Brahma Bulls fought back by forcing turnovers and capitalizing on their own scoring opportunities, and extended a lead that they would never relinquish. The Corsairs end their season losing 13 straight games, a dropoff from their 13-14 record from a year ago.

Sophomores Joe Robinson, Jhamad Norwood, and Michael Fry were the players that contributed on the floor in their respective final games as Corsairs. Robinson, team leader in scoring finishing with 17 points per game, finished with 16 points, three rebounds, and also three assists. Norwood finished with 15 points, four rebounds, and three assists, and Michael Fry finished with 28 points, nine rebounds, and one block.

When asked his thoughts on his last game and what he said to his teammates afterwards, Robinson said, "Honestly I was trying to go for 40, but I wanted to win, and I just told them I just wanted to win. Unfortunately we didn't get that, so my freshman guys will get a better chance at that next year."

As for head coach Joshua Thomas, it has been a disappointing first year as the basketball coach, but Thomas gave us an insight on this game going forward as the program enters the offseason. "The good things is now that we can kind of regroup, eventually re-focus, take some time off, and just focus on school and get ready."

Thomas also breaks down this next transaction and left us with one message for next season. "Our coaching staff are currently recruiting, trying to get players that we feel will fit our system, and I can assure you that we're not going to have a season like this, ever. It gives us a chance to reestablish ourselves out there, we're recruiting very hard, so will definitely turn it around next season, that's a guarantee."