Corsairs End Season with a Victory

It was a bittersweet win for the Corsairs, as three sophomores took to the hardwood in an SMC uniform for the last time in a game against the Pierce College Brahma Bulls.

Before the game, Jessica Melamed, Jinea Cole, Mija Williams and their chosen guests were honored by the school for their season-long commitment. After the festivities, the starting whistle blew and the girls were off to the races.

The opening of the game saw a slew of turnovers on both teams behalves. It seemed that the Corsairs didn’t start the game on the right foot offensively, but all members of their starting five showed phenomenal aggression on the defensive end, forcing numerous turnovers from the Brahma Bulls. As the game progressed, Santa Monica College sophomore point guard Jessica Melamed showed why she is the highlight player of this roster, with standout plays on both ends of the court. By the ending whistle, Melamed was able to put up 28 points, seven rebounds, eight assists, and three steals, showcasing her versatility all game long.

When asked about her performance, Melamed said “It was my last game, so I wanted to go out with a bang, do my best, and help the team win.” She later said, “I didnt want to finish on a loss because it’s been a hard season.” The Corsairs won the game 76-53 and finished the season with a 9-17 record.

After getting that much-needed win in the final game of the year, Head Coach Lydia Strong said, "I'm just glad we didn't lose. Kind of been tired of losing."

Strong also gave us a reflection of what the season has been like for her players and coaching staff. "Everybody got along," Strong said. "We've had some great team bonding, we've had road trips and food and parties and Christmas Secret Santa party, it's just a great group together. I'm really happy with their efforts and I'm proud they finished it out, cause they could've quit. It's not easy but I'm happy they finished it out."