The A.S. Board Pushes Onward Without Vice President

The atmosphere was lethargic, as A.S. President Jennifer Chen called to order the second weekly budgetary meeting of the board of directors. After a short period for public comments and concerns, one of which a student raised his concerns about student parking being over capacity, the board quickly moved to a substantial list of action items.

First on the docket were small requests for funds relating to campus clubs. The Japanese Student Associations procured $500 for a traditional Taiko drum performance on March 8. Additionally, a March 9 Club Summit and March 29 Club Awareness Day received $970 and $1,000 respectively from the ICC. All measures passed unanimously.

After the AS board took care of these routine matters, the time came to debate the major action items; larger expenditures that required a more in depth examination from the board. One of them was made on behalf of the AS board to send four board members to Washington DC to attend the American Student Association of Community Colleges' (ASACC) National Student Advocacy Conference from March 16 18. This conference seeks to educate and provide resources to student participants in relation to issues most community college students face. A total of $8,763.30 was requested in order to pay for airfare, transportation, accommodations, and food, which turned out to be the largest request made during this meeting. Funds were approved to send President Chen, Student Advocacy Head Santiago Guerrero, ICC Chair Kyanna Shajari, and Student Trustee Chase Matthews.

After these funds were approved, instructor Edwin Cruz proposed a "math therapy" program to help Santa Monica College students with math problems by facing said problems in a holistic manner, by focusing more on the psychological hangups that many students experience related to mathematics.

These sessions would be held weekly during the activity period in a to-be-determined location, and would be divided into two parts, a 20-30 minute conversation about the conceptual issues that students are having with their math classes, and a 20-30 minute workshop in which Cruz, along with students who have already completed the calculus cycle, will provide practical solutions to students' specific problems. After a brief period of questioning, the board unanimously approved $3,000 in Student Success funds to purchase textbooks, supplies, and food for the 14 prospective sessions of the workshop.

The meeting came to a close as the student directors and oversight committee made their reports, raising various boilerplate issues associated with running A.S. and setting potential future agenda items that they will discuss in later meetings. The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.