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A.S. Seeking Student Input for Cayton Center Update

The Cayton Center on the main campus of Santa Monica College (SMC) will be updated this semester with a $12,000 budget with the hopes of providing a better on campus experience for students.

SMC's Student Trustee Brooke Harrington is looking to SMC students first for ideas on possible new Cayton Center updates and uses, asking students for their suggestions on how the popular student lounge should be updated. Harrington has asked students to write down their needs on post-it sticky notes and hang them on a poster in the Cayton Center designated for this activity.

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A.S. Hosts First Town Hall Meeting

The Associated Students (AS) kick off the spring semester with a town hall meeting at Santa Monica College’s (SMC) Cayton Center, on Wednesday, February 27. The meeting was organized to help encourage students to voice any concern or opinions they may have about the campus. “I think it’s an inspiring idea really taking into consideration what students are feeling, the demands and the needs of the students.

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A.S. Discusses Holding Student Ball At Final Meeting

The last A.S. meeting of the year was a flurry of activity, as the board moved to pass a total of 11 major action items. Among the items passed were two projects that board members were personally interested in, namely an end year ball organized by the A.S. in lieu of a private celebration for themselves, as well as an effort to make SMC's designated smoking sections more eco-friendly.

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A.S. Board Members Provide Statements Over Board's Decision Against Funding Graduation Banquet

Following SMC students' reactions towards the Associated Students board's decision to vote against funding agenda item 6.3, the proposed $8,917.19 for catering SMC's graduation reception, A.S. President Jennifer Chen reached out to The Corsair to voice her disapproval over what occurred during the board meeting last Monday, April 23.

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Letter to the Editor: Former A.S. Director Responds to Op-Ed Criticizing Lack of Guidance for A.S. Board

This is a response to Francisco Munoz’s Op-ed, “Associated Students? More like Isolated Students.”

As a preface, let me make it clear that I thought it was a well-written and thoughtful article, but I feel compelled to respond to (and elaborate on) a couple of points that I find to be particularly important. For the sake of clear organization, I will copy and paste three central paragraphs from Mr. Munoz’s article before I write my response to them. Let us examine the following passage:

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