SMC holds Club Row with "Film" theme

Students crowded around tables lining the main campus for Club Row, an event to find out about all the different clubs Santa Monica College offers. Some tables had games and activities for potential recruits, while members of other clubs dressed up in colorful costumes to attract attention. 

For a few, like the Women in Media Club, this was their inaugural Club Row event as their club has been formed this year. According to Brie Elise, the club's representative, the club was created to bring women together to network and “use their talent and skills to work on projects together.”

The immensely popular film Black Panther was originally set to be the theme for this semester’s Club Row, but due to concerns about cultural appropriation, the theme was generalized into movies. Despite this, not every club’s display was cinema-related. Some clubs had simple, unadorned tables, while others had elaborate displays. The Asian Cultural Exchange Association had a "Kung-Fu Panda"-inspired display, while the Vine Club’s members wore "Lilo and Stitch", Hawaiian-inspired costumes.

From music appreciation to engineering to yoga, the clubs all emphasized that despite how intimidating a subject appeared, such as financial investments, the clubs are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about their topics. Those representing their respective clubs were eager and willing to take in new people and teach them the ropes. And that openness seemed apparent to many of the students attending.

“I think this is really great…to show different clubs that are around the campus," said Eric Singleton, a student looking to join one of the many clubs.

Club Row wasn’t just aimed at students not yet affiliated with a club; it was also a good way for members of different clubs to check out the booths of the other clubs. There were people from the Yoga Club checking out the Urban Mediamakers West Club booth, who were taking pictures of people in front a green screen that they had set up. Plastic-Free SMC and the Eco Club had tables right next to each other, which seemed fitting considering how closely the two clubs work together.

“Today went by great, we had a lot of people coming on out finding out what the club was all about," said Kliment Kostenko of Vine, a non-denominational Christian club. "Everyone was excited. Everyone was giving, everyone was very welcoming… It was a lot of fun.”

Zac Anciano of the Music Appreciation Club had similarly positive feedback about the event. “I loved it. You can really feel the energy growing on campus,” said Anciano. “It was very well put together… no hurdles to really jump over as a club and also as an organization. It was an all-around hard A-minus,“ he said jokingly.

For those who were unable to attend this semester’s Club Row, a list of clubs and how to contact them is on the Student Clubs section of the SMC website here.