Haunted houses in our own backyard

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A corridor in the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood has been reported as the scene of sightings of paranormal activity throughout the many corridors of the mausoleum.

The Comedy Store

The "Belly Room" of the Comedy Store in Hollywood is known for it's rumored paranormal activity, as in the 1940's the room was a famous mob meet up spot where many shootings took place.

Roosevelt Hotel

The ghost of Marilyn Monroe is said to haunt the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Paranormal reports have pointed to a mirror in room 246 that people believe Monroe's spirit haunts.

The Pantages Theater

The famous Hollywood landmark, the Pantages Theater, is said to house the reclusive ghost of infamous director Howared Hughes who used to own the building in the 1930s. This elevator goes to Hughes' second floor office where there have been reported sighting of paranormal activity.