Guilty pleasures: top 5 in music

1. Journey – Yeah, you know you like them. This cheesy 80's band was nowhere to be heard but on the oldies station. Once the song "Don't Stop Believing" appeared on the "Sopranos" finale and on T.V. shows like, "The Hills" and "Glee," the song along with other Journey singles sold more than four million downloads on iTunes than it previously did. So they might seem like an old band but those iTunes numbers don't lie. Just admit it. Journey rocks.

2. Bon Jovi – Another oldies band. Considered the "cheesiest hair band" ever, you might declare your hate for them, but according to iTunes, you are most likely to have "Livin' on a Prayer" or "Dead or Alive" on your iPod since Bon Jovi's greatest hits have never left the iTunes sales chart. Embrace the hair band in you.

3. ABBA – This Swedish group probably thought they'd only last the disco era and be forgotten but their music has spawned a hit Broadway show, a hit musical film starring Meryl Streep, and a soundtrack that hit the top of the charts in 2008. You can't help but break out the disco moves to "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia."

4. Britney Spears – She might be more in the gossip mags than in the charts, and might be labeled an "airhead" for her actions in the past, but there are some songs that even the hard rocker or rapper might rock out to privately when no one is looking. "Toxic" is one of them, and "Gimme More" is the ultimate campy guilty pleasure. She might be a pop staple to many, but to a large, quiet minority, she is the skeleton in the closet.

5. The Cure- For the girly girls, jocks, tough guys and pop lovers, this band is their skeleton in the closet. No way would they be caught in a Hot Topic store or wearing black. But it is assured that the Cure is their guilty pleasure. The band has dealt with this "closet loving" since the 1980's when "Lovesong" reached #2 at the top of the charts in 1989. This was such a shock to singer Robert Smith, that according to Spin Magazine, he wanted to quit the band. With songs like, "Friday I'm in love," and "Just like Heaven," this should not be a guilty pleasure band. Embrace your inner goth!