Topher graces the big screen in Take Me Home Tonight

While the '80s are easily an obvious subject of mockery, "Take Me Home Tonight" keeps it authentic and comical. It has everything you can hope for from an ‘80s film, minus Molly Ringwald. There are Batman cars, outrageous bangs and the ridiculous and typical single-night-of-adventure scenario that only that decade could pull off.

After nearly four years on the shelf, even bigwigs Topher Grace and Anna Faris weren't initially enough for studios to foot the bill on this film that was first titled, "Kids in America."

Although some of the jokes can get lost in translation, you'll leave the theater feeling like you really did just see a movie that was filmed in the ‘80s because the acting is so spot-on; they don't poke fun of the era but embrace it.

Actor and producer Grace (Matt) is the typical nerdy, offbeat and charming guy he plays in just about every movie. Howerver, he's fun to watch as the MIT grad whose life has amounted to working at the less-than-prestigious Suncoast Video. When he runs into his perfect, blonde Barbie high school crush Tori (Teresa Palmer), he of course acts as a customer in order to impress her with his make-believe job at Goldman & Sach's.

The plan works and she invites him to cool-kid Kyle Masterson's party. With the help of his ambitious and popular sister (Wendy) Anna Faris and best friend (Barry) Dan Fogler, he might just get the girl of his dreams.

As you might expect, the characters experience a hell of a party filled with deception, car theft, sex and cocaine.

Faris actually steps out of her box a bit in this role. She doesn't play the dumb blonde you've seen reruns of before. She's quirky and funny but seems to have genuinely branched out.

Palmer is irresistible in her role. She's not as well known as her other cast mates yet but this film is going to help change that. Fogler seems to have made a smooth transition from Broadway into film with his role.

The cast is talent-packed and Michelle Trachtenberg even makes an appearance as the gothic (and constantly high) girl. The acting is pretty rad as are the killer outfits and the music.  The soundtrack will be available in stores March 29.

If you're guilty of renting "The Breakfast Club" or "Pretty in Pink" a little too frequently, you're totally going to love "Take Me Home Tonight."