Lakers or Clippers?: Clippers

There is no doubt Lakers fans will laugh at this argument. But by any chance if some of you purple and gold fans made it this far, then please greet what follows with an unbiased outlook, as I present the best reason for why you should be a Clippers fan:  BLAKE GRIFFIN.

Regardless of whether you live in Los Angeles or not, anyone who watched the NBA All-Star game last weekend can not help but notice Blake Griffin's remarkable talent.

Winner of the Dunk contest, Griffin defied gravity and common sense by jumping over a parked car risking bodily injury and awing crowds. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN.

Griffin isn't wasting any time during his rookie year. He is the first rookie to become an All-Star since Yao Ming in 2003 and set the Clippers' rookie single game scoring record with 47 points on January 17th against the Pacers.

His intense and relentless style of play has made him the forerunner for the 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year Award. But, there is one thing keeping Griffin and the Clippers in the shadows-the Lakers.

The Clippers have it hard. After all, they play on the same court as the back-to-back champions.

Walk around the Staples Center during a Clipper game and I guarantee you will see the purple and gold of a Fisher or Bryant jersey before you see one belonging to the Clippers.

Other cross town rivals like the Mets and Yankees, or the Cubs and White Sox cannot compare because the teams on both sides usually offer equal resistance to one another. There is no feeling of rivalry here in the City of Angels between the Clippers and the Lakers. One completely dominates the other both on the court and in the media.

Still, take into consideration Kobe Bryant is nearing the end of his reign, entering his 15th season, Not to mention rumors of Artest leaving the team. On the other hand, Blake Griffin is young, energetic, and one of the brightest rookies to enter the NBA in recent years with his whole career ahead of him.