Runway Our Way - Color Poppin'

Spring is definitely in the air.  You can't help but smell jasmine, roses and dew when you step outside in the mornings.  And of course you're stepping out in your best beginning of spring wear- your whites and bright colors. Absolutely nothing screams spring more than a simple but chic and sophisticated white or nude staple paired with a pop of a bright contrasting color.  Whites, nudes and beiges will forever be classic and of the spring and summer essence.  And bright blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and so on shout that spring is here and summer is coming.

A clean white coupled with a lively burst of color is not only a trend right now, but has been and forever will be fashionable.

Designers such as ….. have exemplified the trend for this season… EXAMPLES OF DESIGNERS

Even Vogue's creative director, ex-model, and fashionista Grace Coddington knows this elegant and tasteful fact.  Coddington celebrates her birthday this month, and you all can celebrate as well by reinforcing what style is.  Pick up one of Coddington's books and you'll again fall in love with her, her grace, and her keen fashion sense.  You might pick up a thing or two to help polish off your look or add a bit of flair to your already there style.


These students have picked up on the scent of spring and the good taste of Grace Coddington…..

As we always like to say,  fashion is changing, but style is eternal.  You all have your own style.  Take some tips from the pros like Grace Coddington and just add throw in a bit of glamour and finesse to your look this spring.