The Flyin' Hawaiian

Third year volleyball player Lance Kinningham isn't like most team captains.  He isn't in your face or loud mouthed. He instead uses a relaxed approach that complements his laid back personality that allows him to lead by example. Growing up in Hawaii, one wouldn't think volleyball would be his first choice, but there came a time when Kinningham knew which sport he would pursue.

"I was the type of kid growing up, once I felt a connection with a sport that I liked, I needed to get better at it," said Kinningham.

When it comes to his on the court performance, he is one of the best. getting at least 3 kills a game. "I came here for a reason," said Kinningham, "I want to make my parents proud."

As a freshman Kinningham was voted to the 2010 All-Western State Conference second team, and his talent on the court translates to the classroom as well. He is majoring in sports medicine and taking 12 units.

Kinningham plays the weak-side hitter position. His excellent leaping ability and athleticism are a few of the bright spots that stood out to head coach John Mayer.

"He came to me as a good athlete," said Mayer. "He is tremendously athletic and has cat like reflexes."

Coach Mayer, who has been Kinningham's coach since he started attending SMC, pointed out Kinningham's progression since coming to him.

"I have seen him grow from a boy into a man," said Mayer. "Now players look to him for leadership and clutch moments in games,"

Kinningham is very optimistic about the volleyball season despite the Corsairs 0-3 in-conference record and 2-8 overall record.

He predicts that they will finish the season on a high note, as they went last year to the CCCAA State championships last year but lost to Orange Coast in the quarterfinals.

Kinningham doesn't know what the future holds for volleyball after his departure from the SMC squad, but feels they will remain a contender with Coach Mayer's leadership.