The Corsair Crier: five can't-miss events happening this week

Rudimental @ the Fonda Theater- Tuesday, October 6th British electronic drum and bass band Rudimental will be playing a show at the Fonda theater in Hollywood.

Since its emergence in the early 1990’s in London, drum and bass (DnB) has mostly been a genre of electronic dance music that has stayed underground (as opposed to house and dubstep, both of which have reached mainstream status). However, as the United States has accepted electronic music into its culture, DnB has slowly made its way up the ranks in terms of American popularity. More and more festivals are accepting DnB into their lineups in the U.S. and it has increasingly becoming more common for DnB artists to tour here.

Rudimental has been one of the pioneers in creating the DnB scene in America. Where most DnB artists create a sound that most electronic fans would categorize as “too underground”, Rudimental has created their own sound that not only appeals to DnB fans but fans of other genres as well. They keep the regular tempo of normal DnB, while adding their own personal touch to it. They feature singers and also bridge the gap between DnB and other genres. Tickets to the show are still available and are priced at $27.50. Doors open at 8p.



A Conversation With Guillermo del Toro- Wednesday, October 7th

Notable Hollywood filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will be hosting a conversation at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

Born in Mexico, Del Toro has directed a number of notable Spanish films (Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth) as well as popular American action thrillers (Hellboy, Pacific Rim). He has also been a producer on many critically acclaimed films. His fascination with monsters and fairy tales has greatly influenced his work and he is known for using a variety of special effects to bring the poetic aspects of his movies to life. Most of his movies are very dark and some are influenced by Catholic views of imperfection. On Wednesday he will sit down with Kerry Brougher to discuss his influences as well has his creative process for his fantasy worlds. Online tickets for this event are sold out but tickets at the door are available for $5.

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Duke Dumont @ the Hollywood Palladium- Friday, October 9th

One of the pioneers of the Deep House movement, british producer and DJ Duke Dumont, will be playing a show at the historic Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard.

Dumont started out as a techno remix producer in London, remixing many pop songs so they could be more dancer-friendly in nightclubs. He soon moved away from that and created his own label focusing on deep house with a funk twist. In 2013 and 2014 he dropped the hits, “Need U 100%” and “I Got U”, both of which became international successes. The former was nominated for “Best Dance Recording” at the 56th Grammy's and the latter was nominated for the same award one year later. He continues to travel the world, enjoying the success of both his music and deep house as a whole while playing at major festivals in the United States. Tickets are $27.50 online and it is open to all ages.



Jerry Seinfeld @ Pantages Theater- Friday, October 9th

Jerry Seinfeld, comic legend and co-creator of the iconic sitcom, Seinfeld, will be hosting a solo stand up show at the Pantages Theater.

Beginning as a low-level stand up comic in New York, Seinfeld eventually moved up in the world of comedy, making early appearances on shows such as the Late Show with Johnny Carson in 1981. For the rest of 80’s he continued to do stand up comedy, tackling topics such as gender differences and pop culture. During this time, he and Larry David created Seinfeld (featuring a fictionalized version of Seinfeld himself), which became one of the most successful TV shows of its time and is considered by many to be one of the greatest ever made. After the completion of Seinfeld, Jerry returned to comedy, occasionally still acting and working on films. He continues to do stand up around the country and remains one of America’s most beloved comedians. Tickets start at $59.



ROGA on the Santa Monica Pier- Saturday, October 10th

For the next three Saturdays (10/10, 10/17, and 10/24) the Santa Monica Pier will be hosting free ROGA (a run followed by yoga).

On Saturday morning at 8a, runners can gather at the Santa Monica Pier for a morning run, choosing either two or five miles. The run is followed immediately by a yoga session at 9a on the pier overlooking the Pacific. Mats will not be provided but ROGA is completely free and available to all ages and skill levels. All you have to do to participate is put your name on the list. The link posted below will direct you to the website where you can do that.


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