A.S. Sticker Benefits

Listen up students of Santa Monica College, the Associated Students is here to help you. Yes, it will cost you $10, but this money is well spent.
Those who made the decision to join will see a sticker on the back of their ID cards. This sticker represents much more then those you were given as a child for a reward. This sticker gives you access and privileges to certain events on campus. Those who choose not to pay for the A.S. sticker don't get these privileges.
"I think it's a good thing because the Associated Students gets the money and that money goes to clubs and if you're part of a club you can be very helpful," student Jael Romero said. When an event takes place on campus and is sponsored by the A.S. guess where that money comes from? It's us. If we stop purchasing the sticker then these special events such as the recent welcome-back pizza party will be a thing of the past.
"Associated Students are the representatives of all students on campus," said Tasneem Noor, student services director. "It is worth it [paying the $10], but the matter of the fact is that indirectly the Associated Students do a lot for students to make their everyday life better." The A.S., with the help of those students who made the decision to purchase the A.S. sticker, has made it possible these past two spring semesters to send a large group of students to Sacramento. This group rode in coach buses and went to the state capital to join students from other junior colleges to protest the raise in fees for college students. Every day the A. S., with the money from the students, is looking at making life on the campus better for us.
Let's say in the future you become sick or injured and can no longer work. How will you pay for your rent, food and other costs to survive? If you are a member of the A.S. you could be given money to help you get back on your feet from the Student Emergency Relief Fund. This emergency fund is sure worth the $10 I paid to become part of the A.S.
"So far I haven't used my membership at all, that I have seen no purpose for it, but I imagine in the future in might be useful," said James Adams. "If the opportunity arises then I do plan to use it."
To those college students who did not join for various reasons, you are not able to take advantage of all that you can.
A.S. students get discounts on movie theaters and amusement parks.What better way than seeing a movie or going to Disneyland and hanging out with Mickey and his friends to get stress from school off your back for one day? Without these discounts, admission to these parks is very expensive. The sticker comes in handy when you have to type a report and print something for your classes.
Associated Students and only A.S. members have access to their own computer lab on campus. In this lab, A.S. members will be able to print for free up to a certain number of pages a day and set up an e-mail account so that they may write to friends and family across the nation or in their home countries.