Four A.S. Directors Step Down

The reasons behind the resignation of the four Associated Students directors vary with individual situations.

The student government officials who resigned include Director of Activities Joel DeFrance, Director of Financial Support Laura Villegas, A.S. Secretary Meg Chen, and Student Trustee Dina Cervantes.

As the spring semester begins, the process begins as the A.S. will try to recruit new students to fill the vacant positions.

Even though four directors resigned, only three of the four positions have been declared vacant by the A.S.

The fourth vacancy of Student Trustee can only be declared available by the Board of Trustees. The vacancy will be announced at the board's first meeting.

The filling of the vacancies relies solely on an appointment committee composed of several A.S. directors and faculty.

They will review the applicants and then give a recommendation to the A.S. board, which will then fill the vacancies. It will take approximately two weeks for the application process to be completed.

A.S. President Jeronimo Saldana said the four legitimate reasons why most people resign is, "to focus on academics, school, transferring, work and family life."

DeFrance said, "I never resigned, the advisors didn't want to wait for a grade appeal."

Because of his pending grade appeal, he was removed from office for the remainder of the term.

Cervantes said, "I don't have the time to do the job. I have some personal family matters that need to be taken care of. If I can't give 100 percent, then I wouldn't feel right staying in the position."

According to Saldana, "Meg (Chen) went back to Taiwan," while Villegas "was more into grassroots organizing. She didn't like A.S. and she wanted to focus all her energy on the Progressive Alliance."

Applications are now available at the Student Life Office. The deadline for all applications is Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. The new candidates are to be chosen by Mar. 1.