Scuba Diving Santa Monica College

Believe it or not, you can learn scuba diving at Santa Monica College. This course is available through the Continuing Education Program right here on campus. The course takes two weeks with convenient morning and evening class lectures, with weekends for pool training and open water certification dives. The initial cost of the course is $169 to get started. All necessary equipment for scuba diving is provided as well as books, a DVD, dive tables and more. There are eight hours of class and eight hours of pool skills taught. There's also an additional charge for the certification dives done at Catalina Island.

Various instructors are all trained to provide safety and education while teaching the class. The instructors have patience to make sure all the skills are mastered as well as the knowledge to keep the students well informed.

Louis Emile, a Los Angeles county underwater instructor and NAUI scuba instructor is the lead instructor for the course. Emile has over 28 years of aquatic teaching experience and is currently a swimming and lifeguard instructor trainer for the American Red Cross as well as being a teacher for both SMC and the Santa Monica Unified School District.

The class is fun, adventurous and engaging. Not a lot of swimming is involved, but you need to know how to swim to be able to go underwater, practice the skills and be able to act correctly in case someone has an emergency underwater.

Class information available at or call 310.433.2665