On a Sunday afternoon, a beach blown, Ray-Ban wearing, A-list actor bobbed his head to the sounds of live reggae music on the Malibu Pier. The high-spirited Matthew McConaughey was enjoying himself, happily accompanied arm and arm with girlfriend, Brazilian model, Camila Alves and their 9 month old adorable son Levi.

The reggae artist, Mishka signed to McConaughey's record label, performed at the MaliBlue Arts and Music Festival on April 26.

The affair, hosted by Emergen-C vitamin enhanced drink, was a fundraiser and awareness event for the Surfrider Foundation to promote and raise pollution awareness as an attempt to clean up Malibu's Surfrider beach. The famous beach has been consistently failing water quality grades by the state because of its bacteria amounts, making it one of the dirtiest beaches in California, according to the Foundation reports.

Hundreds of surf and beach enthusiasts gathered at the Malibu pier and donated $10 for entrance to enjoy a day of music and arts. Booths and tables spread out along the pier, as various surf and environmentally friendly vendors handed out information. "Clean water at the Bu" read a popular hip t-shirt being sold by the Surfrider Foundation for proceeds.

It was a beautiful clear, slightly chilly afternoon. The waves were crashing at mediocre heights with the occasional dolphin fin piercing through. To the right of the pier, dozens of wet suit wearing surfers rode the waves and to the left, fishing poles hung over while fisherman patiently gazed, all making the collaboration a truly picturesque moment.

Artistic pieces were displayed throughout the pier as patrons examined and placed bids during the silent auction that took place. Some of the items offered in the auction were custom surfboards designed by musicians such as Tom Dumont from No Doubt, Chad Butler from Switchfoot and Eric Avery from Jane's Addiction to name a few.

The surfer savvy and musically hip crowd ranged from youthful to middle aged. Both kids and adults came out to support the cause.

A beer and wine commodore was present and not surprisingly popular. Attendees enjoyed refreshment or two near the main stage while talented musicians and bands performed on the center of the pier, making the musical performances the main attraction.

"I'm excited to see Mishka. They're really good and it's cool to support clean water in the Bu," said Adam Sells, surfer of Santa Monica.

Musical guests Tyrone Wells, Meiko and Trevor Hall all took stage but Mishka seemingly was the main attraction and talk of the beach.

Chris Jensen of Los Angeles, owner of Arbor Surfboards came out to support Mishka and has been a fan for over a year.

"They're so awesome. I wish the whole band was here," said Jensen.

McConaughey, a Malibu resident and avid surfer, discovered Mishka during an unexpected evening. He heard the music from where he was staying and went down the next day to find out who was singing the night before, found a flyer and searched the singer out. Mishka became the first artist signed to McConaughey's label "J.K.Livin.'"

Mishka's song "Coastline Journey" was written after McConaughey asked the Caribbean born musician to write a song about the ocean for his recent movie "Surfer Dude."

Coastline Journey was a crowd pleaser and hit during the set. The beautiful lyrics that spoke of the ocean as if it were a romantic lover tranquilized the audience. Having the actual ocean at footsteps and just a gaze away added to the moment, making the musical experience near breathtaking.

"That was for all the surfers," said Mishka to the crowd as he ended the hit song and closed out the event.