Shooting at Pico and Lincoln

A black SUV was pulled over near Pico and Lincoln Boulevard for a field-sobriety test early yesterday morning when the passenger opened fire towards a Santa Monica Police Department officer. According to officers at the scene, the passenger hit one officer below their bulletproof vest and proceeded to run away from the scene. The officer was hospitalized and is now in stable condition.

The alleged gunman was hiding for about three hours until K-9 officers and the SWAT team found him at nearly 5:10 a.m. Officers shot at the suspect but it has yet to be determined whether the suspect fired at the officers or the extent of his injuries.

More than ten police officers from different divisions moved into the area to search for the gunman. Local residents were asked to stay inside to maintain public safety.

The driver of the black SUV was arrested on suspicion of DUI. At the time of press, his identity as well as the gunman's identity was not made public.