Tennessee gun control soon to go largely uncontrolled


For most college students, the sight of a drunken brawl at a party is not an uncommon one. Within a matter of hours, and as little as a few drinks, alcohol is capable of turning the most-mellow individual into one looking for a fight. It also impairs judgment, which drastically increases the chances of incidents being blown out of proportion and bad situations becoming worse. 


Yet somehow Tennessee has just joined the likes of Georgia, Virginia and Arizona and decided that implicitly allowing people to carry loaded firearms into alcohol-serving establishments is a good idea.


Twenty other states, including New York and New Jersey, do not have laws, which specifically prohibit carrying a loaded gun into such establishments, looking the other way for those who also carry permits.           


The new law states that the gun holder must refrain from drinking alcohol while in possession of a loaded gun. So instead of having a glass of wine with dinner, these individuals can feel comforted by the deadly weapon in their possession.


However, just as teenagers under the age of 21 have found a way to get their drink on across the nation, I doubt that these people carrying loaded guns will have any problem sneaking a drink, even if it simply means concealing their weapon.


And just what exactly is it that makes carrying a gun to dinner so attractive? Do you really think that someone is going to hold you at gunpoint in a crowded restaurant while you are about to take a bite of filet mignon?


We are not living in the Wild West here. There is no need to have a gun on you at all times, to protect yourself from robbers on the trail home. Instead, we are living in a time where egos are at stake and must be protected, and if that means pulling a gun on someone, then so be it. Now that accidental bump, from the drunk on his way back to the table, can be simply solved by drawing your gun. 


This country's heated gun debate seems to be at a turning point.  More and more states are becoming increasingly lenient with gun control, allowing firearms to be further incorporated into everyday life.


After the recent shooting at the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas Governor Rick Perry has advocated that guns to be made legal on college campuses. He argues that, "armed bystanders may have caught the gunman." Yeah, that's sound logic, students packing heat will make campuses much safer. Great thinking.


America is currently in the midst of a "War on Terror" and it seems to have made everyone intent on doing everything, within their power, to protect themselves, without examining the consequences. It is time for Americans to realize that the answer to violence and terror is NOT more violence and terror. Carrying a gun of your own around, all the time, will not stop the other guy, the one with his gun in your face, from shooting you. And living in fear is no way to live at all.