Have you seen Lawrence Grillo?

Santa Monica College film major Lawrence Grillo is missing.  Lawrence was last seen a week ago Friday in his Theater Arts 55 class.

Grillo has been described as extremely consistent, so after missing classes and a rehearsal, students and faculty members immediately became concerned.

According to one of his professors, Dr. Adrianne Harrop, "He's very reliable, dependable and responsible.  He's never late.  He's never missed a rehearsal.  But he is actually, legally missing."

Students and faculty have tried to contact him several times but he didn't respond to numerous calls, texts and emails.  His classmates have contacted his parents through Facebook and his father hasn't talked to him since last Saturday, according to students.

"I've worked with him and rehearsed with him before," says Shayan Pourked, a classmate of Grillo. "It's weird that he is missing," she said.

Lawrence Grillo recently moved into a new apartment over the weekend.

"He is really important to the play," said Erina Eda, who posted the information about Grillo's disappearance on Facebook.

According to students, Grillo's brother filed a missing person's report to the police.  These reports have not been confirmed.

Grillo is a caucasian male with a light build, curly brown hair, and a height of approximately 6'2.

If you have any information about Grillo's whereabouts, please contact the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 434-4300.