Missing SMC student found

Missing SMC student Lawrence Grillo has been found, his family told the Corsair today.  After a week of nervous tension, the 36-year-old theater major is no longer a missing person, according to his father, Lawrence Grillo Sr.   During a series of phone calls, New Hampshire resident Grillo Sr. told the Corsair that his youngest son, Chris Grillo, had located the missing thespian shortly after filing the missing person report with police.

"My youngest son found him this weekend," Grillo Sr. said.  "He turned up in one of the local hospitals."  According to Grillo Sr., his son will be released within the next 72 hours.  Grillo Sr. was nonetheless relieved that his son had at least been found, stating, "We're all set."

"I couldn't believe how many people were concerened," said Chris.  "There were so many students trying to help find him.  I know that everybody was concerned, but this is a very personal situation for him.  He is okay."

Grillo Sr. added, "I'd like to thank you for all your help and concern. Sincerely."

More detailed developments about this story will be reported as the information becomes available.