Moura gears up for election

Taynara Moura, one of the four Associated Students presidential candidates, hopes that her experience, specificity, and commitment will gain her the lead during next week's election.

Moura studies political science at Santa Monica College, has experience as an SMC ambassador, and has already been gathering experience with the AS as commissioner of student advocacy and financial support.

“It's not something I'm just doing right now; this is serious," Moura says. "I feel I am so prepared because I have already been working in the AS. This is just a continuation of what I have been doing.”

Moura is running with the slate United Students under the slogan, “Keep Calm and Vote for United Students.”

She says that her preparation and clear visions for the implementation of her slate's platform goals will put her at an advantage.

“I think I am the only candidate who is not speaking vaguely right now," Moura says. "I am straightforward. Other candidates never explain how they are going to do it. They say that they want to go around and ask students what they need and what they want. I already know what the students want: better cafeteria food, better parking, more classes and cheaper textbooks.”

According to Moura, United Students has already been working toward changes in the campus cafeteria food, is currently looking into facilitating the access to affordable classes and textbooks, and plans to establish an SMC carpool system to resolve the current parking problem on campus.

One of her major points is the extension of student services outside the SMC campuses, she says.

Just like her opponents, Moura recognizes the lack of and need for communication between students and the student government.

In addition to promoting the usage of social media to reach more students, Moura plans to continue the organization of town hall meetings in order to encourage frequent dialogues between SMC students and the AS.

“I want the students to talk to each other and to engage in meaningful conversations,” she says.

A significant focus of the United Students platform is the equal representation of students in shared governance on campus and in the California state government in Sacramento.

“I want to represent the students on campus and statewide," Moura says. "It is important to respect that the college is governed by three entities and that we have to talk to the administration and faculty and work together. It's also important that the college president knows what Sacramento is doing, because that affects us directly. I maintain contact with them.”

Moura feels confident about the election and hopes that her dedication will pay off.

“The campaign is going really well. When I talk to students, I feel like I am really relating to them,” she says. “The students should vote for me, because I am not waiting to be elected to start doing the job, which shows true interest. I am so committed, I don't wait to do the job.”