Taynara Moura new AS president

Taynara Moura was officially elected as the new Santa Monica College Associated Students president on Friday afternoon, after narrowly edging out runner-up Alex Abramoff,

With the official election results posted in the hallway outside the AS offices, Moura brought in 30.1 percent of the votes, compared to the 29.2 percent garnered by Abramoff.

"I really can't believe it," said Moura. "It hasn't kicked in yet that I won."

Moura credited her victory to the tireless campaigning she and her slate did throughout the SMC campus.

"It definitely made a difference. We were out there about 12-15 hours a day promoting the team," said Moura. "It was a good group of people."

Michael Greenberg, who ran with Moura on the United Students slate, was elected as the new AS director of publicity.

Throughout the campaign, the lack of communication between the AS and the student body was a key issue.

"Michael is a marketeer. I'm glad he won," said Moura. "We're going to be looking at different ways to reach students. That's the key to change."

According to Moura, the first order of business will be to work on everything she said she would deliver during her campaign.

"I don't promise anything I don't intend to do," said Moura.

Not every member that ran as part of Moura's slate was elected for an AS position.
Moura acknowledged that it will be difficult to work with others who may have different viewpoints.

But she also stressed the importance of everybody working together.

"The whole group needs to be on the same page," Moura said. "Everybody needs to do what's in the best interests of the students."