AS campaign promises take shape

As students settle into their school routines, at least one student is already thinking of next semester. Ty Moura, the new Associated Students president, has already put in motion several initiatives to help the student body. With a plan for implementing "affordability, sustainability and awareness," Moura wants to build on the Santa Monica College community.

Moura has started working on campaign promises such as lowering fees for student identification cards and prices in the cafeteria.

"We already got a deal going with Eat Street where they're serving this six-inch sub with chips and drink for like $6.50," said Moura.

Looking for a more affordable and healthier campus, Moura said she considers this deal just a "little part of the goal."

During her presidential campaign, Moura went around to local businesses looking for deals to expand SMC's discount network, while in return rewarding any cooperative business with advertisement space within the Cayton Center. The AS already has businesses like restaurants, a bike repair shop, and a car wash lined up for the discounts, Moura said.

"We even have a doctor," she said.

A main focus of her agenda is that students enroll for subsidized health care from the government. She said that the Affordable Care Act can be a great service to students in need of health care.

Although Moura has been busy putting all of these plans into action, she is not alone when working on such projects.

Alexander Van Dertol, AS vice president who works alongside Moura, said they are trying to push ideas that will give students a bigger voice and encourage them to be more involved in SMC.

Van Dertol said he is is also working on a civic engagement program, where students can search for volunteer opportunities instead of an individual going and getting turned down.

"We'll have some sway as an institution rather than an individual trying to break into the volunteer world themselves," said Van Dertol.

The program would also reward individuals for exceptional volunteering.

Van Dertol mentioned that his goal is to "promote more long-term goals" for the students, rather than settling for immediate satisfaction.

Moura said she wants to be able to help students become more engaged with each other while creating a better atmosphere around the campus.

"I feel that a way for you to get engaged and involved is by making friends that are engaged and involved," said Moura.