Associated Students withhold funds

The Associated Students meeting on Tuesday quickly broke down into a heated debate - over money. The majority of the meeting focused on action item 7.1, a vote to approve $7,562 in funding for a future SMC Everywhere event sponsored by the Future Alumni Club.

The intention of the event proposed by Project Manager of Campus and Alumni relations Deirdre Weaver, is to celebrate Santa Monica College's transfer students on campus equally to our graduating students.

Despite being the only action item on the agenda the board of directors was unable to reach a decision and postponed the vote to next week.

According to Weaver, approximately 550 students participate in and cross the stage at the annual graduation ceremony, compared to the thousands of other students who transfer to four-year universities or complete certificate programs.

While the board of the directors were in support of the essence of the event, no funds were approved. The hesitation on the part of the board stems from non-representation and lack of recognition for prior campus events.

The AS believes they were not properly promoted at last year's SMC Everywhere, "That fear is being projected onto this event," said Michael Greenberg as director of publicity.

"All we're asking for is we're recognized at this event," said Inayat Issa, director of budget management. "We're tired of departments coming to AS and not giving AS credit...this board is tired of that," he said.

Originally the plan was to have the event be a partnership between the AS and the Future Alumni Club, however, since 100 percent of the funding is coming from AS, according to SMC policy it must be an AS event, not a partnership event.

According to Weaver, the Future Alumni Club intended to contribute $3,000 toward SMC Everywhere but allegedly is waiting for reimbursement from the AS for events held on campus last year.

"If what your priority is, is promoting AS, this may not be appropriate for you," said Weaver.

In addition, the AS also announced the Student Success Award created by Issa and AS Secretary Diana Echeverria which will award $100,000 in total to SMC students.

The award will award between $1,500-$5,000 to students who have a 2.5 gpa and are AS members. Interested students can apply online at until March 31.

The next AS meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 18.