Manuel TV presents petition to AS Board

Manuel Henriquez calmly stepped to the microphone during the public comments section of the Associated Students board's regular meeting. Henriquez stated his case before the board saying, "my intent is not to cause trouble, nor to disrupt classes."

Henriquez submitted a petition to the administration of Santa Monica College via the AS board to allow him to return music sharing to the quad.

The petition amassed 1,284 signatures in one week from students who supported his return to his regular spot in front of the Theater Arts building.

The signatures from the student body were accompanied by messages of support such as, "I believe you have the right to play your music" and "Manny's music is appropriate and non-offensive."

The petition came as a response to a private meeting with Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs Deyna Hearn on March 20.

In the meeting, it was suggested that Henriquez move to the balcony of the Cayton Center. Henriquez feels that the suggestion was an attempt to turn the student body against him.

"I find it is inappropriate to do my music sharing [at the suggested location] because I do not want to disturb while they are studying or doing their homework. This is what I want to say to the Dean and the Vice President [Mike Tuitasi]: I always respect their school and will always respect their rules and policies," Henriquez said.

The suggested location is only steps from where students are known to study. His original location, next to the fountains on the quad, is approximately 81 feet from the nearest building, Theater Arts.

Hearn declined to comment on the meeting.

After the board meeting, Henriquez was anxious about the process going forward.

"For me it is nerve wracking to leave it up to the Board of Trustees and the Vice President to make their decision," Henriquez said.

According to AS Director of Publicity Michael Greenberg, the support from the student body will help him in the process going forward.

AS President Ty Moura will present the issue to the District Planning and Advisory Board during their meeting on Friday and will proceed with the issue.

While the AS has the authority to issue event permits for events that do not include amplified sound at any time, they can only issue permits for amplified sound during the Student Activity Hour.

According to Moura, Tuitasi considers Henriquez's boom box amplified sound.

Neither Moura nor Greenberg feel that Henriquez's boom box meet the requirement to be considered amplified sound.

"Somebody playing music on an iPhone is about the same decibel level as what his speakers were doing," Greenberg said.

Tuitasi did not provide comment for the article.

For a moment Henriquez became emotional when speaking about his passion for his music sharing program after the AS meeting.

"I understand that academics are important, but what about the students," Henriquez said.

Henriquez was kicked off the quad on Feb. 21 after a noise complaint was filed with Vice President Tuitasi.