Manuel Henriquez permit delayed among distribution confusion

The Santa Monica College Associated Students Board voted to approve, then were forced to rescind the vote, on temporary permits for Manuel Henriquez’s music sharing program, during their regular meeting on Monday.

The board voted unanimously to approve a series of permits for Henriquez that would allow him to play his music during the student activity hour for the rest of the semester and officially sponsor his program.

After the board took the vote, Associate Dean of Student Life Sonali Bridges asserted that the board did not have the power to issue the permit.

“The only two governing authorities that can approve the activity permit for any activity hour is events and myself,” Bridges said during the meeting.

Following Bridges' assertion, Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs Deyna Hearn also questioned the board’s ability to issue the permit.

AS Director of Publicity Michael Greenberg then said that during the Department of Planning and Advisory Council meeting, Director of Facility Linda Sullivan stated that the AS had the power to issue permits for events in the quad at any time.

When asked about this statement, Sullivan said, “If I did that statement was incorrect.”

At the meeting, Hearn reiterated Bridges' assertion that the board did not have the power to distribute the permit.

“I understand that this particular board, but not the majority of you, want to support [Henriquez] and I respect that. But I need you to be realistic in terms of your levels and areas of authority,” Hearn said during the meeting.

Hearn then informed the board that even with AS sponsorship, Henriquez would have to go through the activities permit process.

The item was then reconsidered and tabled for the AS meeting on April 21 pursuant to the proper paperwork being filed.

The AS President then reiterated that the action item was what was advised to them by Sullivan and Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Tuitasi.

Though the permit issue was delayed, Henriquez felt blessed for the support of the AS.

“I’m really, really satisfied that the AS really did support me of what I’ve been doing over the last nine years of my music sharing," said Henriquez. "Even back at LACC it never happens to me like this but here at SMC it was really amazing."

Henriquez currently has no plan to fight for a long-term permit, but looks forward to possibly receiving the AS permit.

“Hopefully things will go back to normal, the way it was,” Henriquez said.