Courtney King voted vice chair of ICC as AS board completed

The new Associated Students board for next year has been completed. With the Inter-Club Council election, each club casted their vote to cement next year's ICC leaders. Maya Kaitel, former vice chair, was voted ICC Chair. Former AS Presidential candidate Courtney King won her desired position of ICC Vice-Chair. German Club president Rizwan Rashid won the position of ICC communications officer with no opposition after a few candidates dropped out.

Kaitel listed her previous experience with all facets of ICC as vice-chair, including paperwork and extending help with all forms. After winning, she said “I have no words that can properly express how much I love the ICC.”

Former AS presidential candidate King captivated the room with grand statements. “Do you know that there are 29, 537 students? All of those students keep me up at night wondering how I can make this place better,” said King. “There is so much more that I could do to make this world better and I’m going to start with you.”

King soon after delved into humor by expressing her desire to hold tea parties and Nerf gun battles. She even made a slight joke about the hypothetical collaboration between Astronomy, Geology, and Bike clubs trekking by bike to see scenery and stars saying, “Every one of these students might have something to look forward to this weekend.”

In a more serious tone King said of club members, “You’re going to get skills to be better people and then you’re going to go on,” she paused to reach for a miniature crafted representation of the earth, “to change the world.”

With her short speech, King managed to also fit in plans to create more committees for more events, building up ICC infrastructure, and improving publicity. “There’s 350 students for everyone in this room right now, we need to improve club visibility,” said King.

For communications officer, Rashid made a speech to let the rest of the ICC find out more about him, saying he will be there for any club member and promoted collaboration between clubs. He ran for the position seeking a leadership role after three semesters with the German Club and involvement in ICC.

Votes were collected by AS directors in attendance, including President Ty Moura. Current ICC chair Jasmine Jafari and communications officer Sarah Yosef counted the votes by hand as the meeting went on as normal while being facilitated by Kaitel.

During this time, Moura presented an upcoming online survey to ask ICC clubs their opinions on AS, she added, “It’s been a pleasure serving you this year, I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity.”

AS president-elect Pablo Garcia extended an invite to ICC members for an event to help bridge the gap between clubs and AS. “We have a huge number of students already involved,” said Garcia. “We’re hoping to be able to work with them so that they can help attract other students into getting involved.”

After the announcement of her win, King pulled out a small crafted crown and placed it atop her head. “For all of next year, I want ICC to informally stand for the Interaction of Classy Clubs,” she declared to those in attendance to uproarious laughter. ”I for one, am wearing a dress.”

King once again became more serious in an interview after the meeting saying, “Before this it was all talk, now I have to do the work.” She added, “Next year is going to be so amazing, none of the students will ever have anything to compare it from before.”

King then went on to discuss the incentivizing of club memberships and participation with Garcia through recognition and seeking more club members through casual bi-weekly get-togethers outside of ICC meetings and ICC social.