Ali Khan assumes AS presidency following resignation of Pablo Garcia.

Ali Khan is now officially the new president of the Santa Monica College Associated Students following the resignation of former president Pablo Garcia. Khan, who until now was the AS Vice President, made the confirmation during a late night exchange in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to Khan, Associate Dean of Student Life Sonali Bridges informed him of Garcia's resignation during a face to face meeting on July 3rd.

As of that date, Khan immediately assumed office as President. The rest of the AS board remains in place and will now prepare for the upcoming fall semester.

"Now our board must prepare for the upcoming two semesters. We will move forward with the purpose of improving the overall well-being of SMC's campus, as well as promoting equal access to education through student advocacy and shared governance," said Khan after confirming his assumption of office.

Garcia and Khan had recently been elected to their former, respective posts during the May student body elections. The reasons for Garcia's sudden resignation remain unclear and have been deemed as "private" by other sources.