Filming begins on SMC's own version of "Happy"

Filming began on a new advertisement for Santa Monica College, Wednesday.

The advertisement featured groups of student volunteers dancing along with the chart topper “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Though the college brought in an outside director for the shoot, the choreography was often left to the volunteers while basic crew duties were carried out by SMC film students.

Rebecca Hakahamian, took the lead in choreographing the first group that performed, that seemed camera shy after the first run through.

“I think a lot of us are really happy but become really shy when it comes to cameras. But, I really wanted to bring out more happiness and show everyone that SMC’s happy,” Hakahamian said.

For student Ariana Elizabeth McKenny, the video was a way to show school spirit and a good excuse to listen to “Happy.”

“ I liked the showgirl kick, I liked that one and I liked the individual, Soul Train, one, I like to go down,” McKenny said.

Filming will continue tomorrow afternoon on the Main Campus. The video was commissioned by SMC president Chui L. Tsang to be used at the beginning of the fall semester.