Protest in favor of Israeli attacks on Gaza takes over Wilshire Blvd.

On Sunday Wilshire Blvd again became the site of intense protests centered around the ongoing Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip. The latest round of demonstrations came as the war on Gaza continues and as world criticisms mount over the high civilian toll among Palestinians.

On a day that also saw massive anti-Israel protests from Paris to Berlin, the Federal Building on Wilshire saw dueling protests for and against the military attack. Around 1,200 people were in attendance including members of the Israel American Council.

Demonstrators in favor of Israel condemned the ongoing rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and supported the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Across the street demonstrators condemned Israel's bombing raids against the Strip and called for the end of the overall Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza.

The situation soon escalated however, when police arrested four Arab men accused by pro-Israel demonstrators of assaulting them with flag poles after driving their vehicle close to the crowds.

A Federal Protective Service Officer fired a shot to end the scuffle. No one was seriously injured.

As the Israeli assault on Gaza continues more protests are expected with a Palestinian rally expected to take place in front of the Federal Building on Saturday.