Last week, this morning November 10, 2014

In case these passed you by, here is a recap of recent events on campus over the last week. Monday

SMC Associated Students Director of Outreach Robert Espinoza and former advocacy director Diana Gutierrez made public comments regarding accusations towards the AS board and Associate Dean of Student Life Sonali Bridges, with Espinoza even turning the podium outwards toward the students in the Cayton Center and emphasizing his statement as coming from him as a student rather than a director.

Later in the AS meeting, Director of Instructional Support Jeffrey Lewis's proposal to an upgrade of the AS conference room passed for over $10,000, and adjustment of approximately double what was originally proposed by the agenda item ($5,471.50).

In her director's report, Director of Sustainability Andrea Gonzales dumped a bag of discarded cigarette boxes on the board table to demonstrate the amount of litter that can be picked up in five minutes from the unofficial smoking site in front of the campus. She felt that the issue needed to be addressed.

The first of the week's homecoming week activities, Monday Night Football, took place in the cafeteria, where approximately half of the area and monitors were used to display the night's televised football game between the New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts. A poster contest was held, rewarding the winning club (in this case being Generation of the Future) use of the skybox for the homecoming game. Sandwiches, chips, and lemonade from Costco were given out for free to AS members. The sandwiches came in a variety of meats, several patrons were mistakenly given ham.


The Homecoming Pep Rally took place on the quad, where SMC Cheer performed stunts and the football team played flag football with students.


Post-election day, all of the Board of Trustees directors kept their seats.

At the Board of Trustees meeting, SMC revealed a pilot program to offer a BA, the program is slated to be for a degree in Interaction Design.


As the Veterans Resource Center held an event in advance of the Veterans Day holiday next to the clock tower, music blared at the quad for the Homecoming Carnival which included football toss, basketball hoops, and Fresh Brothers pizza. AS also passed out free AS t-shirts, newly designed by the current AS board.

At the ICC meeting, As Vice President Caitlin Corker put together a judicial board and joint council out of voluntary ICC delegates. Club Row winners were announced, with ISF taking first place in Table Setting with their interactive human whack-a-mole. PTK won first in canopy and costume. Each winner earned funds for their club's special accounts, which may roll over into the club's funds for up to two years if the club maintains official status.


Club Olympics rounded out the pre-homecoming activities with approximately 50 participants from various campus clubs playing games against each other. Free Chipotle was provided to participants.


During the homecoming game in which SMC beat Santa Barbara City College 37-21, one fan won an iPad during halftime by kicking a field goal from midfield into the bed of a pickup truck. SMC’s dance company Global Motion provided halftime entertainment.