AS presidential candidate Joel Goldszer seeking to set "Gold" standard between AS and students

Orchestrating Homecoming Week is no easy feat for an Associated Students director, which is why the board took notice when an energetic commissioner stepped up to take the lead amid a director’s absence last year.

AS presidential candidate Joel Goldszer began participating in AS as commissioner for then Director of Student Outreach Robert Espinoza, eventually becoming the board’s ideal replacement for Espinoza after he resigned due to personal reasons.

“I’ve been in the office every week since October,” said Goldszer. ”I really wanna be here and I really wanna help out.”

He feels he brings experience his competitors don’t have, such as being an AS director for a few short weeks, but working in their office since fall.

“What I tend to see in the office is everybody stays in the office,” said Goldszer. “They do their work in the office for the students, but they don’t interact as much with the students.”

His slate is Hi-Five and their main focus is pushing student involvement and benefits access through publicity and promotion.

One major benefit Goldszer hopes to boost is the AS Student Success Awards, for which the AS board allotted $100,000 to award to students who apply.

“International students who complain about their fees being way too expensive, we can compensate with that. students who can barely afford being here, give them money,” said Goldszer.

Goldszer also made it a point to disclose he was against the kind of administration “ear whispering” he has been warned of by other board members and would not stand for it. He feels all AS directors, including the president, should be held accountable for their positions.

After spending time gathering complaints from students, Goldszer plans to make a presence on the quad where the AS can inform students about benefits and activities on campus.

“I don’t want another student to not get a chance to change their life,” said Goldszer, whose slate tagline calls for students to set a “Gold” standard.


Edit:It was previously stated that Joel Goldszer participated in an effort to create a food pantry and food vouchers on campus for its over 300 homeless students on campus. It has been noted that he was supportive of the actions, but not involved in the process.

Edit: This article has been changed to clearly reflect the candidate's platform in accordance to the original unpublished version of this article.