Generation of the Future founder Trae Smith seeks AS presidency

Last week Trae Smith was unable to make the initial candidate meeting to officially run for AS president. Instead he was at Washington D.C., speaking at the liberal pro-Israel J Street National Conference about his vision for his club Generation of the Future. Yet for those who know him, it was obvious Smith carried in him a desire to run, as he was able to make the last candidate meeting.

Since starting Generation Of The Future one year ago, Smith has kept busy promoting his club through a variety of local events on and off campus.

From campus events like Club Olympics to local toy and food drives, Smith and his fellow club officers have turned their club into a bridging opportunity with USC.

Smith’s slate is called “Excellence,” which he hopes reflects his slate’s ideals to the campus community.

Their platform is ambitious, it includes everything from more support for clubs, scholarships, and cheaper textbooks to a proposal of a beachside campus with parking, which is more than what most beachside property can offer.

“I think the biggest thing for students within these clubs is that if we brought more awareness to the clubs, we would not only increase the transfer rate but also the GPA rate, and students would leave this campus feeling really happy, with not only a degree, but club experience, community service, and volunteering hours,” said Smith.

Working within Joint Council last semester, Smith got to read and analyze the A.S. constitution and bylaws, and learn more about the functions of AS.

“Going to all the board meetings watching how Ali Khan would govern the meetings and structure it,” said Smith.

With this experience, he sees himself as an ideal presidential candidate for AS.