SMC boards Harlem Shake boat

Santa Monica College finally did the Harlem Shake.

Right before noon, Yacob Zuriaw, Associated Students director of financial support and student advocacy, invited students to fill the grassy area of the quad to take part in the recently popular YouTube sensation.

The filming began with the group shot, which is actually the second portion of the Harlem Shake video. Once the song started playing, students wearing costumes and holding signs started dancing.

One student held up a sign that depicted the Filipino flag with the letters "SMC" painted over it.

After the group portion, Tommy Phung, commissioner for activities for the AS, was filmed for the opening shot of SMC's version of the Harlem Shake to no music.

Phung was not trying to compete with other schools who already have a Harlem Shake video.

"It doesn't matter if we got the best one or the largest one," Phung said. "It's just about having our pride that we be on the map of SMC."

Phung was also involved in organizing the dance event on the quad.

"We wanted to bring more spirit, bring more SMC pride so we can at least say SMC is one of the best schools that we have," Phung said .

The filming was organized by AS, according to Zuriaw.