Carrying on Czer family tradition

Resembling the once popular television show “7th Heaven,” the close-knit Czer family of seven children continues their legacy of transfer success stories.

Paul Czer, a pre-medical and history major, is the sixth and most current sibling to use Santa Monica College as a stepping stone toward accomplishing academic and athletic goals.

The Czer legacy began with Peter, the first to attend SMC. He was followed by Luke, Laurel, Andrew, Christa, and now, Paul. The youngest child, Adam, will be attending in 2014.

Paul Czer is only the third out of his brothers and sisters to have taken up swimming. Before attending SMC, he was a baseball player.

He has taken up swimming in hopes of passing his lifeguard test and becoming a lifeguard, like his older brother Andrew.

According to Steven Contarsy, SMC's head swim coach, Paul Czer did not pass his first time around, but is confident that he will next time because "he is a strong athlete."

While not only following their athletic backgrounds at SMC, Paul Czer said he also hopes to continue his family's tradition of transferring to UCLA.

The path to UCLA began with Czer's father, Lawrence Czer, who attended directly out of high school. The oldest of the siblings, Peter Czer, was the first to attend SMC.

“You save money and you get just as much of a quality education, if not better, because the class sizes are smaller here," said Paul Czer. "It's a great environment. I've had so much fun here, especially being part of the swim team.”

Contarsy said he believes that Paul Czer has what it takes to make it to UCLA.

“Within the footsteps of the family legacy, Paul Czer is making his own path,” said Contarsy.

The closeness of the family was the deciding factor for each of the children staying so close to home and attending the same school.

They have even had a few classes together, both at SMC and UCLA.

Although their father bypassed community college, the younger Czers see SMC as a beneficial experience.

“UCLA wouldn't have been the same if I went out of high school because SMC prepared me and made me more well-rounded," said Christa Czer. "I learned how to play guitar. I took a lot of art classes. I would recommend it for everyone."

Younger brother Andrew Czer agreed.

“SMC is the best of both worlds — a diverse homogeneous mixture where you have to be open,” he said. “It’s kind of a blessing, and it's just the perfect segue to UCLA.”

The family also stresses the importance of character building through sports, which is why each of them have been so heavily involved with SMC's athletics.

"Being part of a team makes you open to other people," said Andrew Czer.

Each of the siblings who have come through SMC have maintained contact with former coaches and professors, and the college has forged lifelong relationships and academic prosperity for the family.

Paul Czer's girlfriend also attends SMC, and Andrew Czer recently married his girlfriend who he met at SMC.

I squeezed SMC for all it’s worth; I benefited, and even found my wife there,” said Andrew Czer.