Unhappy meals


I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, my heart would race with joy at the sight of those golden arches. I remember seeing the commercials that showed the next "it" toys that were being included with the Happy Meal and then begging my parents to take me to McDonalds to get one. I just had to have one; but would it have been different if these super-cool toys weren't included with the Happy Meals? Would I still have had the same desire for one? We're about to find out.


The city of San Francisco's board of supervisors has recently voted to ban the Happy Meal as it is known today.  This measure will prohibit a free toy from being included in any "kids meal" if the meal itself is over 600 calories. Fruits and vegetables will also need to be included in the meal in order for your young one to receive a toy.


San Francisco will be the first US city to implement this measure. Although it won't take effect until Dec. 2011, many people are already angry that this is just one more thing that our government is controlling. That may be true, but it's about time we do something about the rapidly expanding obesity problem that our country is facing.


The US is one of the most obese countries in the world. Nearly 70 percent of Americans are obese. We must act now if we want to protect the future generations from diabetes, heart disease and other obesity related illnesses, not to mention the hefty burden of the healthcare cost associated with these ailments. It is all too common to see overweight children these days. Although the responsibility lies largely with the parents of these children, their environment isn't helping the matter. Fast food has taken over many American children's diets and having a little incentive to eat healthier is a great idea. If I were a young one, I would choose the apple slices instead of the fries in order to get a free toy.


I understand that some parents will be mad at the fact that their choices are being limited, but measures like this one are only going to help our children be healthier in the long-run. If parents aren't doing their job and selecting healthier items for their children, then the government should. And if that means giving up those deliciously greasy fries for apple dippers and a toy, then sign me up! ? 

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