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President Donald J. Trump Visits California

Pedestrians walking along Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica, Calif. cheered on protester Therese Sweeney on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 17. Therese, a 68 year old retiree, wooed honks from cars stuck in rush hour traffic, as a group of LAPD officers monitoring President Trump’s arrival huddled up for a coffee break nearby. Therese was one of the peaceful demonstrators who turned out to protest the President’s arrival at Santa Monica Airport on one of his infrequent visits to California.

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A.S. Board Members Provide Statements Over Board's Decision Against Funding Graduation Banquet

Following SMC students' reactions towards the Associated Students board's decision to vote against funding agenda item 6.3, the proposed $8,917.19 for catering SMC's graduation reception, A.S. President Jennifer Chen reached out to The Corsair to voice her disapproval over what occurred during the board meeting last Monday, April 23.

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