Osama photo controversy

The United States Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, decided last Wednesday, May 4, that the photographs of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden´s body would not be released to the world, saying they could spur violence, become a security risk, and be used as propaganda by activists overseas. First of all, it should be said that numerous historical events of the past have produced images of horror and brutality. These include video footage of the September 11 attacks, and images of Saddam Hussein´s execution, the Holocaust, and various other unsettling images that rewrote history. Now the world's most wanted man was killed and there are no images for the public to view? There are always conspiracy theories about these sorts of things, and Bin Laden´s death is no different.

Osama Bin Laden managed to hide for a decade or so, no one knowing of his whereabouts, and now that American troops have finally brought him to justice, an entire nation rejoices, but the world wants more than a presidential address, some need to see to fully believe.

Americans want to be sure that the man who ended thousands of lives in 9/11 and broke people´s hearts worldwide on a once bright morning in New York City is gone forever. Many rejoiced over the breaking news and now they want some closure. Even though his death cannot bring people back, it is a much-needed assurance that a cold-blooded and merciless killer has departed from this world.

There can be arguments made that the images might be too disturbing for the general public; however there is not much the human race hasn´t seen. It won´t be like the image will be plastered all over towns, schools, and park benches.

First year SMC student, Adam Evans, is torn between choosing whether the images should be released or not. "I think it should be released so that people know for sure that Osama is dead, but It shouldn´t be released because it gives the USA a bad image. It shows the USA as being proud and showing the whole world that we killed this person," said Evans.

"Yes, the Americans should be proud, but only because Osama killed a lot of people, not only from the 9/11 attacks, but other attacks as well. President Obama also said he doesn´t want to release the pictures because he doesn´t want us to have a bad image, having a picture of a dead man floating all over the world will do just that," said Evans.

Whether President Obama changes his mind in the future can't be determined, but one thing is for sure: people in the world will doubt Osama's death and will remain insecure or quiet until they see some type of evidence.