Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the CORSAIR, particularly reporter Jack Stulic and photographer Samuel Darring, for the fundamentally excellent coverage of last Tuesday's program featuring THEY POURED FIRE ON US... co-authors Alephonsion Deng and Judy Bernstein. Both the article and the photo effectively conveyed the depth and integrity of the presentations by Mr. Deng and Ms. Bernstein.

Please allow me to add one more significant set of facts about that program. I believe it's worthwhile for students and other members of the SMC community to be aware that events such as "Lost Boys, Darfur, & America," which possessed qualities both educational and inspirational, do not happen without a great deal of effort on the part of individuals and groups who care about issues regarding human rights and social justice.

In this case, the focused attention of Sherri Bradford, director of the African American Collegians Center and advisor to the Black Collegians Club, was crucial to the success of the program, as was the active support of the BCC leadership and members. In a related vein, without the financial and logistical support of the SMC Associates and the Associated Students, particularly Judy Neveau, David Chun, and Raphael Sisa, it wouldn't have been possible for SMC to host last week's visit by Mr. Deng and Ms. Bernstein.

Finally, for now, let me acknowledge the willingness of Profs. Susan Sterr, Frank Dawson, and Kenneth Mason, the chairs of the Departments of English, Communication, and History, to encourage their colleagues and students to attend. Their support contributed quite significantly to the outstanding turnout. The fact that the cross-section of students, faculty, and community members who attended the event was also an exceptionally well integrated group can be attributed, in good part, to the efforts of all the groups and individuals mentioned above, as well as the artistic flyer of SMC student Nik Kent.

Let me close by, once again, praising the CORSAIR for its coverage of this program. Multicultural events of this nature have components which are intellectual, emotional, ethical ,and spiritual. Thus, I bring your attention to the very human latticework which made possible the "Lost Boys, Darfur, America" event because we need to continue the efforts to make programs like this one available for the SMC community. Thank you for your attention.


C. David Burak, Associate Faculty,Engl. Dept.