Someone Read Me, I'm Lonely

Ah, Santa Monica College. The southern California sun beating down on the quad, ocean breezes, taking hours to park, 25 people standing in the aisles of your classes trying to add, lines for the bookstore stretching all the way to the valley. Welcome to the 2009 spring semester!

The Corsair staff is curious to know if we are reflecting student interests on this beautiful but frustrating campus. We wanted to know if anyone actually reads the campus newspaper and to find out about what the students were interested in reading this semester.

The staff is writing, but is anyone reading?

A 20 year old SMC student, who did not want to give her name, said "I am sick of reading about the [Associated Students]. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's important when it really affects the students, but I want to know about the world!"

Marc Tobia, 22, double majoring in business and art history, said "I want to read about how tax cuts will further affect students educational careers, in community colleges and after transferring. I think it's really important to keep an eye on that throughout the next few months. Oh, and, of course, anything scandalous that is happening on campus!"

Jakob Thomas, 22, a second semester international student from Berlin explained that he wants more coverage of international student events and campus job options. "The European club has been a great thing for me.

There are some really cool events coming up with all the clubs. I know the club presidents' would love to be interviewed about what each club has to offer and to help get their clubs known around campus."
Communications Professor, Maria Muñoz, said, "As a professor, I would like to get an email informing me that 'the paper is out, here are the highlights.' It would help integrate the campus newspaper into the college classroom setting."

Also, most of the students interviewed did not know there was an online version of The Corsair. We think it's a great resource to get campus news at the click of a button, anytime from anywhere. You can find it online at
The staff is trying to get the word out about it so please send comments, criticisms or suggestions.

The Corsair office is located on the first floor of the Letters and Science building.
Feel free to stop in if you have story ideas, concerns, events you want us to cover, or anything else. We won't bite.