A Day to Remember releases new hardcore album

After a long anticipated wait, New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert has produced another successful album for A Day to Remember: "What Separates Me From You." Not long after their third prior album, the band has delivered another masterpiece that fans have embraced with open arms.

The impressive second track off the album, and their first single "All I Want," was the perfect lead-in to keep fans listening. The ten track record opens up strong with "Sticks and Bricks," a song dedicated to the trash talkers in which front man Jeremy McKinnon isn't afraid to express while singing, "My heart is filled with hate."

What was surprising that didn't appear on this record was another heart-filled acoustic melody, a tune that convinced hardcore fans that it was okay to have a soft side. However, the band manages to fill the gap with a pop punk "feel good" song, "It's Complicated."

Though there is no song that can even compare to "Homesick's" "The Downfall of Us All," "A Day to Remember" sticks to a similar feel with "2nd Sucks," a much darker track. McKinnon goes back to feelings of hate directed particularly at someone who's been using him and his band for their own fame.

The intensity and momentum of this album stays intact from beginning to end with no dull moment to be found. With the usual hardcore chants that are expected to be heard in a number of songs, and the mid-song breakdown that everyone can't wait to get down to, "A Day to Remember" manages to deliver what fans have been waiting for.


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